Healing Sounds


Healing tendencies of music

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and about which it is impossible to remain silent”

Victor Hugo

Encouragement and feedback on my healing music

Hello Michael, how wonderful is your music. I currently have extreme regulations and lie on the bed and listen to your music. The sounds vibrate so wonderfully pleasantly soothing and sedating through my body. They gently vibrate in every cell of the body. Sooooo wonderful Thank you dear, she will accompany me and supports me so much.

Thank you dear Michael! When I opened your music or only through your music post, the current started to flow! Wonderful gift! you are blessed

Michael, when I lay on the bed yesterday and listened to your music and the sounds danced in every cell of my body, the back movements were completely gone after 1 hour, I'm looking forward to my new life... it's moving! With love, peace and gratitude!