My CDs

My CDs

CD "Garden of Emotions"

“Intimacy and sensitivity - the two musicians dueled in a free and pulsating game. "The Art of Duo” thus becomes an exciting small work of art." 

(Klaus Mümpfer - Jazzpodium 2006)

Price 17 €*

Orgel CD "Sounds and Visions"

“Michael Mikolaschek is an expert in crossover projects, mixes jazz and avant-garde with classical and salsa with a light hand. When Michael Mikolaschek sits on the organ, the queen of the instruments swings.

This can be heard on his first organ CD "Sounds and Visions". 

(Tina Brambrink, Recklinghäuser Zeitung 2011)

Price 17 €*

Duo Jazz CD "The Art of Duo"

“Sounds mixed with emotions; Sound images of natural beauty and space. Let's go on a journey of discovery together, there is a lot to discover in the "Garden of Emotions". I give you this music for it." (accompanying text of the cd, 2014)

Price 17 €, Bestellung bei Laika-Records

CD „ChaChaRà“

„The band "chachara" delighted the audience! A real Fireworks of emotions - if you just rocked to hot salsa rhythms in time, shortly afterwards enchanted classic sounds, groovy-groovy jazz sounds completed the explosive mix. The audience experienced an exciting concert evening in the Herten glass house.”

(Tim Wohlfahrt, Hertener Allgemeine Zeitung 1994)

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