Welcome to my world of sounds!

“How does the moment sound?”

The here and now, in the flow of sounds

My path from composition to classical improvisation and jazz

We live in a time that produces new ideas and new actions. A lot of things are changing radically and will continue to change:

the wheel sometimes turnsvcquickly and in unpredictable directions...

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Arrived in Switzerland

Since 01.10.2023 I have been a full-time church musician and organist at the
parish of Messen (SO)

Michael Mikolaschek

In the concert, the creative joy leaps over to the audience and we have a wonderful shared experience.

Organ, piano, synthesizer, the church as a sound space, form an inspiring unit with the musician and the audience,

that you will not soon forget. That is my experience of many concerts.

It's a bit like "Alice in Wonderland", where you find yourself in a world full of surprising encounters.

The surprise opens up the mind and enables us to have wonderful experiences.

Nothing else happens if we e.g. listen to hard rock on the church organ or baroque music on the synthesizer: an eye-opening experience. sound magic that arouses enthusiasm and curiosity.

News from my sound research project "Dust off the Queen"

As part of my sound research trip "Dust off the Queen" I was able to visit several organs and churches in Germany with my synthesizers.

I also stopped in Switzerland and was able to explore the fantastic variety of sounds of the Kuhn
organ in the Solothurn town church and the Metzler organ in the Biel town church.

This helped me a lot to develop new synthesizer sounds that harmonize well with the organ sound;

delicate, spherical, playful, brute; everything was audible, and I could develop an amazing cosmos of sound.

My special thanks go to Pastor Elisabeth Hirschi from Solothurn

and Pascale van Coppenolle, organist at the town church in Biel.

Music with depth

My goal is to reach new sound regions and to achieve creative depth. The "wind-dynamic work" of the Metzler organ in the City Church in Biel (CH), for example, makes this possible in a special way, because you can change the wind pressure and the pitch. I was able to create sounds that are otherwise only possible with electronic instruments. With the "T-Tiefgang" register, you can continuously change the key pressure, which opens up sound possibilities that come close to the "aftertouch" of a synthesizer.